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"We, Ferdfelt Trading AB, have been the distributor for TRICO since 1989. At that time, TRICO wasn't really on the Swedish market. Since then we have been focused in serve the Swedish motorist a quality product that has the history, quality and assortment that fits Sweden perfectly. Today, TRICO, is a leader on wiper products and are well known brand for safety vision in Scandinavia."

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Patrik Ferdfelt, Ferdfelt Trading AB, Sweden

"We began distributing Trico in the UK in 2008, since then Trico wipers have become one of our most successful product groups that has kept on growing, with 2015 our busiest year yet. We’ve seen a number of interesting product developments and new products in that time, covering the most recent applications which is one thing that our customers are always looking for. Trico Flex has been probably the biggest success for us - it’s just so simple for our customers to sell, but still gives them  almost complete vehicle coverage."

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Andy Kay, M&F Components Ltd, United Kingdom

"Trico’s passion and unequivocal knowledge for their brand and the market, has always given us the confidence to support and endorse the products they supply. With their fantastic team, they have answered and solved every issue or problem that has faced us and ultimately, engaged and supported our group for over 8 successful years."

Kym Smith, A1 Motorstores