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Wipers FAQ

Wiper Blade Anatomy
Wiper Blades vs. Refills
Why Beam Blades?
Factory Replacement
How to Choose the Right Wiper

Wiper Blade Anatomy

 The anatomy of a windshield wiper blade.

Wiper Blades vs. Refills

Many people replace the entire blade, as it is quicker and easier. By replacing the blade, you don't have to worry about the replacement refill not fitting your current blade. Wiper refills can be replaced, provided the blade is not bent or damaged, at typically half the cost of a new blade.

 Wiper blades vs. wiper refills.

To properly replace a refill, you must know:

  • If the blade on your vehicle is the Original Equipment unit or an Aftermarket replacement.
  • If it is an Aftermarket product, you must also know the manufacturer and type of blade and claw dimensions.

Why Beam Blades?  

Already Original Equipment on the majority of new vehicles, beam blades continue to grow in popularity due to their sleek, modern styling and advanced visibility protection.

  • Over 90% of new vehicles come equipped with beam or hybrid style wiper blades

 TRICO beam blade features and benefits. Features and benefits of beam blades:

  • Infinite pressure points offer uniform contact
  • Lower profile – more out-of-view
  • Aerodynamic with less windlift
  • Engineered for highly curved windshields
  • Maximum performance and durability
  • All-weather performance

TRICO has taken beam blade performance to another level with premium products like TRICO Force®, TRICO NeoForm® and TRICO Flex®, a more affordable, universal fit beam blade.

Factory Replacement Blades

TRICO Exact Fit Factory Replacement Windshield Wipers.

Give your customers the original factory quality and performance they want, no matter what wiper style they need – with the TRICO Factory Replacement Centre.
The Exact Fit line includes beam and hybrid, as well as conventional and rear, to give your customers a true factory
replacement product offering that’s sure to increase your profits.
  • Original fit, form and function
  • One program covers it all – easy to stock and sell
  • Full range wiper line offers 99% coverage
  • Quick, easy installation with no adaptors