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TRICO research shows Original Equipment Style Preferred

Original factory fitted components such as tyres, brakes and windscreen wiper blades, are usually the preferred choice by drivers when replacement parts are required. The focus on quality and performance are key considerations for motorists, and so the original components used by vehicle manufacturers are usually the consumer’s first choice.
TRICO, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of windscreen wipers and a major supplier to all major vehicle manufacturers, has introduced the Factory Replacement Centre - a range of wipers called TRICO Exact Fit, delivering the same quality and performance from the product as fitted to the car on the production line. Original style fit, form and function are the key elements of this easy to fit replacement wiper blade range. The TRICO Exact Fit will fit 99% of European vehicles with significantly, no adaptors required. The range includes all blade types including beam, conventional, hybrid and rear blades. The TRICO Exact Fit range of blades is widely available from all good accessory shops and garages.