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TRICO® Launches the TRICO Force® Range

TRICO Force – turning wind force into wiper pressure

Trico Products Corporation will be launching this autumn the all-new TRICO Force®, a premium high-performance beam blade product line. Incorporating a patented swept-wing spoiler, the TRICO Force controls airflow and converts force from winds up to and in excess, of 220 kph into downforce pressure for maximum windscreen contact.

The new blade range uses VorTec™ aerofoil technology to provide maximum contact by transferring wind force downwards onto the windscreen. The range is engineered to conform to today’s highly curved windscreens. The unique spoiler reduces wind-lift in excess of 135 mph (220 kph) and provides quiet operation with less chatter. TRICO Force has been tested to perform over 1.5 million cycles.