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TRICO® Extends Range

TRICO, is pleased to announce it has added new part numbers to its popular Exact Fit rear screen blade programme to ensure its rear blade programme continues to offer the best coverage.

TRICO’s rear blade programme now contains 39 blades in conventional, beam and plastic styles. Supported by a dedicated rear blade only catalogue and supplied as part of the Trico Exact Fit programme, with a dedicated yellow flash on the packaging to easily identify rear screen blades.

TRICO product and brand manager Sam Robinson said: “The range of specialty blades are specifically designed for Exact Fit rear screen applications. These blade types cannot be serviced with a standard conventional wiper blade and instead have various connection styles and blade types (plastic, beam, or metal).”

“This provides another opportunity for garages to increase profit  as there  is an increasing number of vehicles with unique rear wiper blade designs. Although many of these blades look similar, they’re specially developed and unique in fitment. The TRICO Exact Fit rear blade programme is comprehensive in coverage to accommodate the wide variety of applications. Rear blade sales now account for 10% of all wiper blade sales –workshops need to offer an extensive comprehensive programme to cover the market needs and take advantage of another additional revenue opportunity.”

TRICO, has also recently introduced a new complete range of windscreen washer pumps and system accessories.

Trico’s expertise as a full windscreen and washer system supplier to the aftermarket are demonstrated with a full range of direct and universal fit replacement washer pumps and an accessory programme for washer systems repairs and modifications.

The range includes: three universal replacement pumps: 12v and 24v regular duty compact pumps with a 12v heavy-duty option also available.  In addition 45 direct O.E replacement washer pumps. The pumps are an ‘exact fit’ and like for like replacement for the speciality pumps found on all modern vehicles.

The range of system accessories can be used to fit new systems or repair/replace existing failed or damaged components.

All pumps are EMC certified this protects against interference with other vehicle electrical components. Without EMC protection, problems can range from interference to serious effects on vehicle engine management systems.

Sam concluded: “Moving forward an important element of the TRICO marketing programme will be the enhanced support for its trade customers. This will include application data in printed format plus electronic format that is constantly being up-dated and available at , as well as mobile enabled vehicle lookup using QR code technology. Application and cross-reference date is also available on MAM Autocat and TecDoc and can be supplied for use in customers’ own catalogues.

“We are actively increasing our contact with workshops and retailers - and it’s not just a case of selling to new contacts, but about giving existing Trico users the chance to come and talk to us. Whether it be to discuss application queries, receive some fitment training, or talk about ideas for increasing their own business, we want to make selling wipers as simple as we can for them

“We also have a lot planned for next year which includes a new catalogue, website and a host of exhibitions to attend including the inaugural Automechanika UK next year so watch this space.”