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Getting Your Car Ready for the Season

TRICO Encourage Drivers how to get ready for the spring.

Windscreen wiper blades take a battering during the winter months. In addition to having to deal with rain, they have to sometimes contend with ice and snow, all of which take their toll and can affect wiping performance. Spring is the right time to check wiper blades and if necessary have them replaced.

According to TRICO, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of windscreen wipers, 90% of all driving decisions are based on visual cues. This means having effective and efficient windscreen wipers is vitally important for road safety. So what are the signs that you need to replace windscreen wipers? Worn wipers produce an uneven wipe preventing proper contact with the windscreen surface leading to poor visibility. Trico offers the following advice for checking wipers for replacement: Streaking: this is caused by dry rubber that has hardened and cracked. Streaking can also be caused by tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances on the blade rubber. Chattering: very annoying and it’s the sound that the blade makes as it passes across the windscreen. Caused by the “permanent set” or “curve” in the blade rubber that some wiper blades develop while they are not being used. Worn rubber: general rounding of the wiping edge caused by age and is a sign that it's time to replace the blade. Split rubber: this is a condition found on blades that are old, or may be due to the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays affecting the rubber. Bent refill or wiper frame: this can be caused by the impact of ice scrapers, automatic car washes or indeed vandalism leading to bent or distorted wiper arms affecting wiping efficiency. TRICO has a comprehensive range of wiper blades, front and rear, available to fit almost all cars available across Europe which can be found at all good accessory shops and garages.